Series 183 - Tracy Maund Memorial Lectures

Date Range1 January 1967 - 26 August 2003
ProvenanceRoyal Women's Hospital

The Tracy Maund Memorial Lecture (see below for variations of name) has been presented every year except 1972 at the Royal Women's Hospital from 1964 to the present.
This series is made up of authors notes, transcripts and publications of the lectures.

The lecture has been known by several names:
1964-1967 Tracy Memorial Lecture
1968 Tracy Maund Memorial Lecture
2003 Tracy Maund Address

Lecturers and subjects:
1964, March 10 Dr Frank Forster "Richard Thomas Tracy and his Part in the History of Oviarotomy"
1965, March 9 Dr J W Johnstone "John Maund - the Contribution of the Chromosome"
1966, April 19 Dr Kate Campbell "Babes and Sucklings"
1977, April 4 Dr Colin Macdonald "X-Rays and the Changing Years"
1968, April 2 Prof Kenneth F Russell "Obstetrics and the Artist"
1969, April 29 Dr John Nattrass "As it was in the Beginning"
1970, March 10 Jessica McB Place "The Avenue of Years"
1971, April 6 Prof Frans Geldenhuys "The Blue Canary - the Spice of Medicine"
1972 No lecture
1973, April 3 Dr Ronald McKenzie Rome "Vintage Years"
1974, April 2 Prof Sir Lance Townsend "The Obstetrical Chair Lift"
1975, April 8 Dr Kevin McCaul "How Far that Litle Candle Throws His Beams"
1976, March 29 Dr Kelvin C Churches "Out of the Shadows"
1977, June 22 Sir Oliver Gillard "The Legal Quality of Life in the Womb"
1978, March 14 Dr Noel de Garis "Whither? or Wither Away"
1979, March 2 Billy Sneddon "National Objectives Reflect Individual Aspirations"
1980, April 15 Prof E C Wood "The Beginnings of Life"
1981, April 7 Prof Harold D Attwood
1982 Myles Wright "The New Revolution"
1983, March 22 Prof Derek Denton "Appetites, Instincts and Pregnancy"
1984 Rev Canon Peter Hollingworth "Wholeness in the Eighties"
1985, March 21 Dr James Smibert "Change and Decay"
1986, May 27 Prof Louis Waller "Any Reasonable Creature in Being"
1987, March 23 Dr Davis McCaughey "Medical Ethics - who decides what and how?"
1988, May 24 Sir Gustav Nossel "Science and Society: Who is the Master and who the Servant?"
1989, April 18 Dr Malcolm Potts "With Sex in Mind"
1990, May 29 Prof Kincaid-Smith "A National and International Perspective on the Problem of Aids"
1991, April 30 Prof Pennington "A Helath Care System Between Scylla and Charyebdis"
1992, March 31 Prof Margaret Manion "Women Art and Education in Medieval Society - an Enlivening
1993, May 18 Prof Roger Short "The Fruits of our Loins"
1994, May Prof Ian Gust "Long Night's Journey into Day - towards the Contol of Hepatitis
1996, April 16 Richard Divall "Birth of the Modern Hospital in the Byzantine Empire and the
Vital Role of the Hospital Order of St John"
1999, Aug 17 Simone Young "Australia, an Island in the Musical World"
2000, Aug 30 Prof Bob Williamson "The Human Genome Project and its Impact on Women's Health
for Better and Worse"
2001, Aug 27 Emeritus Prof Louis Waller
2003, Aug 26 Peter Ellyard "Women, Healing and Wellbeing: the Next 20 Years"

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Inventory Listing

Tracy Maund Memorial Lecture, Richard Divall
A1996/22/001, S0183

Lecture Notes


Rough notes used by Richard Divall for 32nd Tracy Maund Memorial Lecture, 16 April 1996.

Creator Royal Women's Hospital
Date range 16 April 1996
Inventory Identifier 28080183 Series 183
Women, Healing and Wellbeing: the Next 20 Years
A2003/01/072, S0183


Computer output, A4

Background notes for the Tracy Maund Address, 26 August 2003 by Peter Ellyard.
Printed by Archives from RWH Intranet.

Creator Royal Women's Hospital
Date range 26 August 2003
Inventory Identifier 48710183 Series 183
X-Rays and the Changing Years
A1997/12/237, S0183


Carbon copy, typescript

Script of Dr Colin McDonald's Tracy Maund Lecture

Creator Royal Women's Hospital
Date range 1 January 1967 - 31 December 1967
Inventory Identifier 67390183 Series 183
The 22nd Tracy Maund Memorial Lecture - Any Reasonable Creature in Being
A2005/09/013, S0183

Transcript of lecture

Photocopy, A4

Presented by Prof Louis Waller, Sir Leo Cussen Chair of Law, Monash University.
The text of this transcript is not identical to that of the published version at A1995/08/01.

Creator Royal Women's Hospital
Date range 27 May 1986
Inventory Identifier 79910183 Series 183

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