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At the first public meeting of the subscribers to the Lying-in Hospital and Infirmary for Diseases Peculiar to Women and Children two committees were established. The Ladies' Committee, which was the Committee of Management (sometimes referred to as the General Committee) and the Gentlemen's Committee which was established “for reference and counsel in time of need”.

In 1870 the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Committees formally merged, although the Annual Reports continue to list the two groups separately until 1972, and Minutes of the Gentlemen's Committee exist from the 1880s.

1858-1862 Mr Thomas Dickson, probably started 1856.
1858-1867 Mr Richard Grice Esq, probably started 1856.
1858-1869 Mr Henry Jennings Esq, probably started 1856 and continued after 1869.
1858-1869 Mr W Macredie Esq, probably started 1856 and continued after 1869.
1858-1862 Mr H M Murphy, probably started 1856.
1858-1862 Mr T H Power, probably started 1856.
1858-1870 Mr T J Sumner Esq, probably started 1856.
1862-1869 Mr James T Harcourt Esq, probably started 1856 and continued after 1869.
1862-1867 Mr J McBean Esq.
1862-1869 Mr P O'Brien Esq, continued after 1869.
1866-1869 Mr Henri J Hart Esq, continued after 1869.
1867-1869 Hon A Fraser, continued after 1869.
1867-1867 Mr Robert Sellar Esq. continued after 1869.

Notes of meeting April 3, 1857 are at A1992/17/75.

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